Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 133: Sculptures of the Heart’s Content


God is love without form.

The construction of time gives way to form, narrative, division, and separation.

The allocation of material resources follows the artificial labels, judgments, and prejudices of the time based egoic narrative. 

Without time, there are no divisions, no limits.

E x I t s _ I n _ t I m e

What is anything but narrative attached to form?

What torments one mind may very well free an entire world.

A s _ t I m e _ b a s e d _ f o r m_ r e t u r n s _ t o _ s o u r c e .

A s _ n a r r a t i v e _ d i s s o l v e s _ i n _ t i m e .

A s _ l i t e r a t u r e _ b r e a k s _ a p a r t

f a 

















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