Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 130: Crystallization of the Heart’s Content

130, a

Grammars rein in language.

The intended intent is to coral language, meaning into a simplified mass for international consumption. 

It is the intent of the grammarian to correct understanding.

Correct, structured understanding under the direction of accepted cultural norms rarely advances a new idea.

There are pathways and exits out of time. There is a way beyond addiction and manipulation of form. Through the simple and yet very misunderstood language of frequency holders there is the blueprint of another master narrative. Usually, it is language that points to something in the realm of the material world. It is pointing and addressing form. It is the heart of the symbolic to represent what is beyond form. It is the destination within true non-ego self. This requires journey of endless reflection* with the ultimate destination being now. 

The master narrative of the grammarian understands nothing. It is the surface superficial level of the journey. It does not understand or see what is beyond its rules, its structures, its own limits. 

Attachment to master narratives will only yield fears, paranoia, and anxiety. 

It is not the way of Spirit.