Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 129: Towards the End of TIME


The pace of eternal peace is predicated upon the depth and degree of presence. The vibrational frequency of the living, breathing subject is predicated upon the presence therein. Thinking in past and future will not resolve the degree to which narrative time may appear to resolve any issue. Presence in the vertical dimension of time is paramount, is required. God is not a caricature defined by ego. God is the indestructible source of all life. It is Spirit that animates form, creates life. Love is a dream that exists in time. Beyond time is the infinite, there is the unbearable realm of Being, of god consciousness. There was a time before Being, no, perceived, it is something entirely alien to ego. There exists pathways beyond the time narratives that have become home. There exists pathways and exits out of the time based dimension. 

In meditation, there exists this peace. At first, it exists as the rare known experience. With time, the deep calm of source begin to takes place. Time based narratives still continue in the horizontal dimension of time, but they do not exact the same degree of impact as before. The continued reactive identification with time based master narratives begins to dissolve. 

This is the real of peace that becomes addicting if only because it may be the original state before all time based narratives, before our identification with time, with mind, with ego. The condition for the beginning of freedom is the practice of daily meditation. This is communion with god, with source, with Being. 

We must begin this journey. The condition for which may widely vary individual to individual. In later philosophies, I may unveil my own journey in greater detail. For now, I will say it is only pain that transforms. It is the endless sickening emotion of being torn away from Being. The unconditional alienation shaped sculptures in the time based realm like art. 

An artist has to, a writer must clear away syndication(s) of forms that cloud a wealth of Being one with Source.