Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 128: Oceans & TIME


In the godless oceans of time, we seek narrative shores. 

On shore, they have adjusted their perception to a particular narrative. The ruling tribes have manufactured a reality that has dismissed much of the world, much of Spirit. It is the timeless present that has yet to be anchored. The narrative structure of time has often dehumanized all who might be considered Other. There is another way. 

The life that animates form is in all. In the formless dimension of Source, there is no distinction between varying beings. It is the narrative ego of tribe that has constructed symbolic walls and institutions. Walls, labels, and narratives have structured a fragmentation of the world. It is no more real than a thought that has manifested out of fear. It is an emotion that has anchored itself in time.

WE must understand that there is more than the narratives we have grown accustomed to. It is not in symbolic orders and rules originating in fear that we will find freedom. Narratives that dehumanize will only serve to further pain. 

WE must ask of ourselves what we would ask of OTHERS if placed in the same position. Too much of the world is anchored in fear, in hatred. This is not god-level consciousness. It is the consciousness of ego, of fragmentation, that has caused and ratcheted division. In the energy and tone of the speaker, we will come to understand their truth, whatever it may be. 

As leaders of the world come to contribute to the canvas of time, to navigate the oceans of narrative, the endless mixing of thought, fears, and love, the distinction between truth and fear must remain clear. 

It is not the angry, hateful brute demonizing Other who holds truth, but, rather, the silence of the voiceless escaping war, poverty, starvation. The brute envisions scarcity for himself and restricts god’s love, the refugee of Spirit knows there is true abundance in the world. If only for lack of will is there not a worldwide movement to end human suffering.