Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 125: TIME, STRUCTURE, BEING, LANGUAGE, & GOD


God is consciousness before TIME.

The right narrative can reshape the WORLD.

We are falling away from time,

As I fall from EARTH,

I see the face of god.

There is a ground-level to ideology. There must be a witness to time, to presence, to Being. God speaks through silence. Narratives outlive us and that’s why we’re so invested. Perhaps there is an ideological structure that is conducive to exiting time. Ego is the cultural wiring of a particular consciousness. Narratives are ideological wiring of a culture.

We must begin to unload time. It is because we recede in time.

We must find exits in time. There is another world.

The outer world of form cannot fathom the inner world of peace.

We have created worlds of illusions, divisions that we must dissolve.

In the vertical dimension of time, in the structure-less essence of Being, in the language of god (silence),

exists that which can only be known through communion with god. (meditation)