Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 124: Variations in the Interpretation of Narrative TIME


We have created infinite ways to waste time. We have become addicted to form consciousness. We have become addicted to ideological stagnation…. We have created building blocks of communication, of consciousness. We have the power to communicate essence. We are eternal Spirit, yet we have become a roaming mass of zombies.

WE must FREE SPIRIT. We have become an audience witnessing the death of culture. We must dis-identify with form, with illusion, with time. We must imagine god-level consciousness. We must imagine pathways out of the time based narrative. There are tunnels, portals of silence exiting the time bound narrative. With form, there is identification, with identification, there is narrative, there is tribe, there is history, and therein exists conflict.  Identification with time based narrative will also include identification with time based forms. We have become accustomed to form, time based forms and form based consciousness.

Within the language of time exists the canvas for narrative. We become our minds, bored, afflicted writers interpreting reality through sense perception and ego identification. Within each narrative exists varying degrees and styles of ego. With the reduction of language, we begin to understand something beyond.

Within oceans of time, material godlessness rules over the living, breathing subject, the once materialist slave becomes an ocean of peace through stillness, through communion with god.

Within time, exists exits.

Exits offer pathways out of the time bound narrative.

Travel beyond worlds of time.