Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 120: Sculptures in Time


We are lyrical beasts that have become poisoned by time.

We have been sucker punched by narrative.

WE are tribes lost in the wilderness of time.

WE have fallen into narrative, into time.

We are not the national narratives that we tell one another.

We have created a time based, narrative based society. IN time, we must transform ourselves. If only through means of structure and the ideological protection that it affords. Ideologues need structures of thought (institutions).

Thought manifests time.

WE are a society of novelists, describers of all-viral level events.

ONCE AGAIN, thought manifests time.

WE spin time into narratives we sell ourselves. An institution is a physical structure that houses adherents to the ideological framework that manifests a subset of reality. All conflict is an extension of conflicting narratives warring, tearing away at the fabric of time. It is time to abandon the Midwest, middle class ideal of literature, it is time to transform the perception of time and narrative.

To transform reality, we must transform time, we must transform thought.  We must shift and move the ideological foundations  of the world. There is an unseen energy that connects all living things. There is an animating force that breathes life into form. There is a sculpture of the immeasurable distances between worlds of time. There is a living painting that falls into Being.

There is poetry that crystallizes all that is Time.

There is a realm that is unaccounted for: the land beyond narrative time.

We believe we are sculptors sculpting Time…

and yet we resist to fall into Being.