Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 119: Worlds Between Worlds (Language, Being, Time)

I am writing the great American KEEXZUS novel.

The period between book 0 – Jesus Incognito, book 1 falling into Being, and book 2 worldwide peace project (animalia in time):

book 0 affects book 1 affects book 2

The journey is the logical expression, the logical excavation of time.

It is the un-earthing of essence.

It is the awakening and separation of Spirit from the mind identified state of Being.

Language was an escape, each narrative was a vehicle to another destination in time, and in between stories, there was the lyrical bridge in between worlds, and I would imagine greater world’s of greater things, land bridges in between worlds, come alive and known as truth, imagine a building, now imagine that this building inhabits few souls of a frequency holding particular type, this building is for the formless free inside the realm of the unmanifested becoming known in a particular section of the time based, material world. The experience is endless light, peace, love, ec cetera, it is the known experience that cannot be captured adequately by language, it is the bridge, the walkway, into and beyond a different realm, it is within one. It is within source. Not merely a thought but a thing that is real in the here and now, imagine the vreation of a living dream… i’m going to write a book report on a book i wrote that doesn’t exist (book 0) soon and giving contextual, historical context for the logical spiritual profession of the trilogy. 

The trilogy IS THIS: (book 0) jesus incognito, (book 1) falling into being, (book 2) transforming world consciousness, by KEEXZUS.