Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, no. 118: The Lyrical Refinement, re-Structuring of Time


Narrative time is the literature that allows for movements of TIME. Fragmentation of consciousness, the encasement of Spirit, by cultural ego is reason for tribes, for conflict. It is the structuring of all that is illusion. Cultural consciousness is NOT Spirit, it is cultural EGO directing the flow of time. Ideological vehicles (bodies, states, structures, systems) even with shifts in narrative time do not equate truth, an error in perception. Perhaps there is an ideological vehicle that moves one avatar destinations. And perhaps this moving from lanes, from destination is…

sometimes it is not consciousness that awakens, but merely a shift in the ideological from position to position.

There is awakening. There are shifts in consciousness. There is also restructuring of the ideological structure and or vehicle. There is the sculptor administering time according to time based narratives. It is the world that spins in the now.

We wish to breathe if only to continue the further explanation of narrative dreams, of ideological unconsciousness, and yet this would be in error, in illusion. To abandon the ideological vehicle and see the globe spin all its narratives at once would be the ultimate freedom of one who is truly free…

a dream mistaken if only ONCE as lyrical beasts roam the countryside.

Understand narrative as it relates to the structure of time. Understand identification. Understand understanding. Understand worlds unknown beyond form, beyond dreams of the ideological scripture. And perhaps therein resides a new earth.

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