Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, No. 116: Freedom from Time

The narrative is the conditional thing.

The narrative is ideological.

The narrative does not exist except in time. Time is the construction to be painted, sculpted, consumed. The ideological creature believes itself to be an artist in truth. The artist is rarely an instrument of the ideological. The unconditional concept of a word to unload unlimited power… in an infinite array, the angle of insertion as perceived by ideological mind, live in the infinite. Live outside the condition of form. Understand the infinite realm, the stillness of infinite silence.

As we set ourselves free, we begin to drift in time.

Create the improbable.

Write the impossible.

The worldwide spiritual awakening of humankind at an accelerated breakthrough pace is completely real and true. A coherent, digital destruction of the prevailing worldly narrative is possible. AWAY FROM: The accumulation of material wealth in few hands at the expense of several billion lives. The current world framework for the daily operational functions of reality are not rooted in compassion, not rooted in love. AWAY FROM: To transform the cultural and social programming that allows for collective suffering and pain. So, the question begins: What is the ultimate goal of this or any reality? To Transform World Consciousness.

In time, the creature learned to write its own narratives. 

The creature once learned language to communicate wants and needs, and eventually this same creature learned to communicate the essence of things. The cultural and social programming has worn thin, captured and released the life essence once encased in thought. The mind of the traveler has repeatedly destroyed itself. In a world of competing structural institutions and marauding tribes, exist wanderers aware of time. There is an ideological creature that runs amok. It is worldwide ego that accelerates the destruction of Being, of world, of god. The world is in competition for time. The trajectory of the ideological tribe based, thought based, time based narrative accrues ideological creatures.  The existence of tribe is predicated according to its placement in time based, thought based narratives. Hyper structural tribes are institutionalized and sometimes nationalized entities, either private or public. A tribe identifies with narratives that will yield and leverage more resources for the survival of said tribe. We live in a world competing for time.  

Conflict between competing ideological narratives creates varying degrees of tectonic shifts in time. Like minded ideological architectures bring together tribes seeking ideological explanation and shelter from world. The accumulation of thought and categorization therein becomes the ideological mind. The beginning of interpretation is the mind becoming a sentient machine. In the beginning, there was no thought. 

The internet connects caves. 

I am the creature KEEXZUS.