Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, No. 115: A World Free From Time

The condition of the expression is the constant behavior of the cultural program. It is the ideological subject moving in time. It is the ideological subject breaking from form. It is the formless realm, the formless dimension eludes the structuralist. The timeless dimension eludes the postmodernist. It is disgust and ignorance that fuels the modern age. The conception of the immortal Being does not compute in the mind of the thought-addicted creature. The thought-addicted creature seeks other thought-addicted creatures. One, then more, an accumulation of thought-addicted creatures moving in the conversational flow of the cultural consciousness. The thought-addicted tribe moves in its ideological wind– the cultural progress at the rate of its cultural evolution. It is the role of the scarce individual to re-frame time. The individual of purest timeless states begins the seeds of foundational shifts in time.

The timeless state does not exist for the mind-addicted creature. The mind-addicted creature creates statues of past and future.

The elemental condition is the fabric of time. We use fabric, we use time. Sculptors use marble. Designers of any particular state will use the medium that affects time. The future of time lies in its narrative structures that uphold illusions. Illusions are held by tribes. The architecture of tribe, ideology, and thought are ideological. Physical symbolic structures are an homage to the thought structures bred in mind.

Time structures begin in the realm of abstract mind forms and develop in the realm of the manifested subject by the living ideological subject that is the ideological creature. The ideological creature creates time structures of the symbolic in order to preserve the ideological illusions of ego. Ideological illusions sustain ego based realities and create conflict.

Conflict is the essence of ego based identification which manifests more time to preserve ideological narratives. Anything that strays from the original structured narrative is considered Other, alien.

The ideological summary of time is history. History is an ideological constraint. It is the filtering eye of the administrator.  It is the programming that runs the foundations. It is the primal structure that makes the condition largely unknown. It is the invisible hand of god. It is the structure of thought. It is the ideological design.

It is the becoming of an infinite world. God is not the caricature you imagine. God is not the old man in sky. God is not thing, nor thought, nor word. It is not what you think. 

We become all things. We wish to interpret our subjective experience, our own personal filter for interpreting reality we see as true: ego believes the sculptures and its creations. Ego believes it is the form of things. 

Ideology sustains and maintains the agreed upon tribal consciousness: illusion, time, identification with forms.