Exploration of Dreams, Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, No. 112

A treasured thought form becomes the constructed narrative project. It is the ego refusing freedom. It is the mind addicting itself to past. It is the collective dysfunctional programming that/ which disguises itself as Spirit. Spirit does not regress in time. Spirit does not imitate the language of mind addicted cultural narratives. It is beyond the petty grievances of collective cultural narratives trying to justify conflict.

A human mind addicted to its own thoughts becomes the death of innovation. 

Tradition is a trap.

The beginning of a new earth is not the collective dysfunction of society, it is collectively abandoning ideologies and behaviors that do not push ourselves to a higher spiritual consciousness. Those who defend the past are ideologues. They are speaking monuments to the past in all its ugliness and dysfunction. Their narrative trumpets the glory of a few while diminishing the experience of the many.

Abandon your most cherished beliefs.

Abandon the foundations of fictions you long to enhance and preserve through ideology.

The peace of god does not exist in form.

It exists beyond form. 

That realm you will NEVER know if you persist and resist that awaits you beyond the conditional aspect of your mind-based existence and addiction to thought-forms and structures.