Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, No. 111: Why the Expression of Time is Ideological

IF you observe the ego, are you allowed to analyze it? 

And did you really observe it if you asked the question? 

It is not a thought, it is a structure.

It is not a structure, it is an illusion.

It is not an illusion, it is your mind. 

Your mind is an illusion. 

This cannot be true, this cannot be possibly true. 

We are reducing language beyond this silence & all things we seek: categorical categories of the real. 

Statements based on assumptions are not truth. 

Take language, take the directional flow of consciousness away from past. 


The beginning takes form. There exists varying types of forms and structures according to ideological needs. Statements sometimes contain truth. Statements sometimes contain facts. Opinions are the most dangerous if they are rooted in form. I am trying to understand the workings of my mind in an attempt to understand all that tires me. It is an exercise in futility. It is something that has been explained by the ancients. All that is eternal is beyond mind, beyond language. This singular truth supersedes all else. We begin to awaken once we begin to dis-identify from mind. However this process takes away from you, your false self that has been in power for nearly the eternity of your life. If you are accustomed to form, this will be a difficult pill to swallow. I have difficulty letting go of form. I feel like a gargoyle that has fallen in love with language, the only thing that has every responded with unconditional love for the existence of time. In time, we can travel away from the NOW. This is only a desired state if we resist what is. The beginning of freedom is something else entirely, yet the association between mind and the existence of self is the culturally programmed startup. Once we begin to abandon our closely held beliefs regarding time and self, a new realm of awareness takes form beyond itself. It is the almost lyrical freedom that often rests unnamed in a world that resides in conflicts between forms. 

Identifications with forms, institutions, and ideologies is the work of ego. It is the false self that grows and becomes tribal, becomes nation, becomes war and conflict, becomes the endless histories awaiting their own extinction.

Salvation rests in what the mind does not understand: a space and time that is not there, but here, NOW.

It is what the more attuned mind seeks and yet will never attain as long as it seeks it. We cannot want salvation as long as we hold dear the chains that have kept the past alive in bondage. A Worldwide cultural awakening needs to take place to unmask the illusion that we have been held captive by. There is one planet and no exit from time except within.