Philosophy of the KEEXZUS, No. 110: Why We Believe We Are Robots Vs. Why We Believe We Are Gods

We are in the beginning of a cultural shift from cultural structuralism to something more free, dangerous, and uncertain.

The chaos from this epoch will yield cultural winners and the rest.

All that was certain of a past of approved cultural agreements has long faded: good jobs that pay a living wage, benefits, retirement, and that present job security are a relic of the recent past. (save few exceptions)

The world that awaits us (and in many cases that is already here) is one of individual process.

Before, one could hope to follow the cultural process of going to college, seeking entry-level employment and eventually becoming stuck in the bureaucracy of middle-management. All of that is gone now. The benefit of this new age of uncertainty is being pushed to one’s limits. It is the function of catastrophic loss to seek meaning and answers outside preconceived, reactionary cultural institutions. Now one must seek answers and meaning from oneself past mind, past the engraved cave drawings of a world long gone. One has to find one’s greatest talent, seek mastery, and go all in in the public sphere.

The death of self, of the ego, is accelerated by the death of cultural processes and institutions that once seemed indestructible. We are all alone left to fend in this new economy created by a handful of sculptors. Albeit, there still resides great power in one’s individual power to create. There is the hope that one can alter the flow of cultural consciousness, that one can still engrave one’s name in time. 

Love and godspeed.