Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 109: Why Time Structures Need Narratives

Construction centers around the perceived subject.

Architecture is ideological.

Narrative, in the eyes of its creator, must justify said creation.

If there is a tribe that agrees with the creator, then there is a greater likelihood that the creation will last in time. The ideological story will survive in time through narrative. Story is the currency of tribal survival. This exchange and others in existence runs the structural operations of symbolic structures and institutions. Ideology is the lifeblood of all. It is the cultural programming keeping the monster afloat. It is the work of many agencies throughout the psychological time of the person that sculpts the cultural programming.

A city of symbolic structures runs on the ideological notion that is all correct. 

Through a growing number of anomalies and disruptions, the system is thought to be misfiring.

The truth is, the system is not real.

The cultural landscape is the canvas for the cultural logic of the institutional artist: the brazen politician, the coked up billionaire, and the starving artist.

It is possible to create a counter narrative.

It is possible to create a pathway towards freedom form a past mired in an onslaught of injustice.

This journey must begin NOW.

And it begins with a shift in consciousness. ..