Philosophies of the KEEXZUS 109 to 130: Tentative Titles and Subjects

No. 109: Why Time Structures Need Narratives

No. 110: Why We Believe We are Robots Vs Why We Believe We Are Gods

No. 111: Why the Expression of Time is Ideological

No. 112: Why a Gargoyle Fell in Love w/ Language

No. 113: Why Compassion Matters

No. 114: Why Belief in Time is the Primordial Error

No. 115: Why Language Must Shift Time to Shift Consciousness

No. 116: This Is Why We Write Time

No. 117: This Is Why We Are Animals Trained in Speech

No. 118: Why We Must Commit Ourselves to Dreams

No. 119:  Why God Does Not Communicate in Speech

No. 120: Why Love is Historical Magic Anchored in Timeless States

No. 121: Why We Judge One Another’s Humanity

No. 122: Why WE Must Question the Established Question

No. 123: The Poetry of God STRUCTURES

No. 124: Confessions of a Philosophical Creature

No. 125: The Whole World is Literature Writing Itself

No. 126: I Live a Gargoyle’s Dream

No. 127: I am Writing Alternative God Structures

No. 128: Poetry Must Transform Time

No. 129: We Must Become the Extinction of Ego

No. 130: Why We Must Comprehend TRUTH

No. 131: Why We MUST Comprehend LOGIC w/o BIAS