Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 108: Realms of the Symbolic

Spirit breathes life into form.

The collective soul (Spirit, Source, God) finds itself born into a world full of forms. Some structures are more firmly rooted in time. We engrave our histories in time. Histories give us a road map to begin journey. They enable the continuation of time. They allow for a moving, hostile architecture.

Stories communicate essence, history, time.

In a world of structures and the symbolic, we write stories about their relations between them and ourselves. The story we write about these symbolic structures is the foundation of ideology. Enough sculptures will become real in mind, in time.

A structure is a sculpture in time.

Representations of these symbolic structures bare resemblance to to other similar representative interpretations. Photos of these structures are locked in time. An entire city of symbolic structures. It is of a thing. It is of a structure. I am drawing a photo drawn in time. The mind writes time. We are time writers. We are writing time. Writing time, a soul becomes sentient, god’s tree structures. 

This living thinking thing is writing and baring its own consciousness. 

This primal identification is the root of all conflict.

Consciousness sees itself as alive, it is experienced in form, it mistakes itself for form… Consciousness is the raw white board. We are culturally programmed in time. Find that space beyond time in stillness. 

Access the infinite realm of god.

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