Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 106: A 21st Century Religion for a New Tribal Consciousness

We are animals that speak.

We identify with a tribe and then fight other tribes.

We engrave our stories in time. (in mind)

A foundational shift in consciousness toward compassion and spiritual awareness, this is what the world needs. A shift in consciousness is like altering and moving the entire UNIVERSE FORWARD. It will transform everything you do. The vibrational frequency of Being is altered. 

3 things (out of many) that are affected by spiritual awakening: Philosophy (mindset), language, comedy (drama).

The systems, institutions, and ideologies of the old world consciousness must be replaced. The world is stuck in the inherited systems and ideologies of the past.

The world is mired in an old world consciousness. Their own. 

My 1st purpose is god-realization (spiritual awakening) and my 2nd purpose is helping the world with the same. I am trying to engrave this story in time…. KEEXZUS, Book No. 2: Toward a New Literary Consciousness. A 21st Century Bible. I am down to start my own religion.