Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 105: Falling Into Being

We organize meaning and structure and time around narratives that explain the need for these narratives, institutions, structures and illusions. Meaning organized into symbolic structures and institutions and systems become the world we have. We place meaning in these boxes and then we stack them to the skies. We place meaning in a box and hope it never sours. To define is to confine. Let us not allow narratives to confine us.

Ideological structures, systems of meaning and interpretation the world over and here we are. 

Animals roaming the planet Earth for truth. 

And the truth isn’t the thing or perhaps even the idea or thought, but something else entirely. 

The settling of a boundless peace that at first seems to hide although it has always already been right here now…

Underneath it all. 

Godspeed travelers… falling into Being.