Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 104: The Ideological Thing

Unleash god.

The language game exists when absolute historical markers and anchors go unnoticed due to blind ideological action. Language cannot adequately describe music. There is music playing. What animates form is not form. What animates form is not form itself. Believe in what it is not, then know what animates form. That is the beginning of Spiritual Awareness.

(To Begin) Believe in a god that is not structural, that is not symbolic, that is not language. Structural ideology consists of systems and the design of their symbolic structures. Style is always already ideological. The language of the creator is a type of programming. Time is mentioned twice because there’s a vertical and horizontal dimension. The process of the symbolic and its coordination with reflective metaphors, its grounding process in time, in language, in time…

This is the process of the symbolic.

And Twitter itself consists of fragments that build philosophies that build stories that graduate from form. Book 1 is the graduation from form to formless. Book zero is the non-existent foundation. Book 2 will build the foundation for book 3. The Philosophy of the Keexzus sometimes only refers to the book of the Keexzus, No. 2. In the realm of form, I am writing context for things that don’t exist. I am writing the impossibility. Write like animals.