Slight Context, Tentative Titles for Future Philosophies of the KEEXZUS

All titles and subjects are tentative… if for the only reason to list ’em is to fully know and understand that there is no such thing as writer’s block.

Philosophy of the KEEXZUS:

No. 103: What I Learned to Love in Academia

No. 104: What I Learned from Car Sales

No. 105: Teaching Thoughts Systems

No. 106: Fragmentation in the Age of Twitters

No. 107: Writing Away from Time

No. 108: The Existence of Time, of Peace

No. 109: Why God is Love

No. 110: How We Can Create World Peace

No. 111: Why Jurassic World is the Best Movie of All-Time

No. 112: Why Kanye Has More Humility than Your Average Joe Six Pack

No. 113: How Kim Kardashian Cultivates Fame

No. 114: Why & How We Can Direct Worldwide Consciousness

No. 115: