Philosophy of the Keexzus, No.102: Break Free from Time

Awareness allows us to take a look at our sculptures.

Meditation allows us access to stillness, to god.

We must become aware of the reality we have sculpted.

It is imperative to believe in love. 

The structural integrity of any system is either based in love or fear.

There must exist more empathy and compassion… the breath of every living thing begins in time.

Read my tweets into the dying night. read my tweets out loud like a dying literature. A Philosopher commits to thinking. A philosopher commits to writing… and ever so often to transforming worldwide consciousness. i am obsessed with language. we commit ourselves to language and thought form, we commit ourselves to structure and its many interpretations, we commit ourselves to variations in time

we roam like animals seeking truth

every ideology writes its own literature, its own reality

we need literature to break free right now

break free from time

break free from though

break free from identification

break free from form

break free from the Time obsessed World…