Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 101: (Language in Time)

Language is rooted in Time.


When Carthage burns, Rome burns

We must begin to recognize one another’s pain.

Recognition of pain, of loss.

We think we are our minds.

We believe we are our story.

We identify with our tribes.

Our tribes identify with narrative tracks pumping ideological perception.

What runs through the ideological system is the narrative track of time.

I am a gargoyle searching for traces of time, of god beyond time. 

In this World we will begin to unravel time. 


In war, we set ideologies.

Film feeds itself.

We don’t see a beginning and an end to time because we have already identified with it. Foundational shifts in time, in consciousness have taken place. The foundational  shifts in time have taken shape by frequency holders. One frequency holder must exist in time. One frequency holder disrupts time. Leaders evoke compassion and love. We literally must become change. We shift our own consciousness, we dissolve the stories of time that separate us. We become one, enter union with Source.

Once one abandons time, once we abandon stories and identities that separate us, we can begin to unload compassion. For the World to exist, we must increase the number of frequency holders. Frequency holders of past have been Christ, Buddha, et al. And saints and gurus as well. We have to grow the number of individuals who are frequency holders to a higher consciousness. 

This is literally the only way to lasting, worldly peace. 

Leverage is the condition of the thing.

Write until the end of time.

Writing must fall off the cliff.

Meaning must sink into the ocean.

It must return to Source.

A language structure that accounts for the impossibility is the course for the fearless.

God breathes Spirit.

Formless energy takes form, takes shape.

WE begin to identify with the World.

We create like gods, and yet its creation by fear. We create from the foundation of an ideological anomaly. We must abandon this position and recreate the World, a World free from hatred, a world free from fear.

In time, we will unravel time. 

IN time, we will unearth the vertical dimension and presence of ourselves beyond form…

And we can begin this Journey now.