Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 100: Why the Spiritual Journey Dissolves Time

This is always already the Philosophy of the Keexzus.

This is always already the razor’s edge or reality. 

One can always rationalize the world.

The World can be rationalized in any direction. 

The World can be rationalized in absolutely any direction in any age (time) by the mind. (ego)

The mind creates Time.

The mind creates time and redefines the World. We create Time as Tribes. We create Time as Tribes of collective ego.  We create tribes and we create distinctive worlds. Conflict arises from this creation. Structure is an illusion. Structure is unnatural. Structure is conceived, structure is ideological. Time is conceived, yet consciousness is awareness. Awareness of time is the essence of consciousness. Time feels and becomes sentient, this is identification with form. We believe we are form. That is the 1st and primary illusion. We believe we are things, that we are our identities and possessions. We believe we are not one. 

We engrave our histories with blood, with time. We believe there is immortality in time. 

We believe we are an individual story, we believe a lie.

we believe that we are not consciousness encased in flesh, we believe we are form, we believe what is untrue

i am a writer identifying as a part-time philosopher, i am a gargoyle searching for traces of god

within myself

i am keexzus.

Learn to meditate,

And unveil what lurks behind time:

Eternal, indestructible essence…