Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 99: Why Love Is the Extinction of Time

The consciousness inhabiting the body has identified with mind:

It is identified with form.

It believes it is form.

It does not listen to reason.

One mind, two minds, three minds, ad infinitum. 

There is a tribe of like mind.

Remove the story as you write it. Understand nothing. Begin to unwind time. Begin the process of freedom. 

The solidity of the structure is made of belief. We have been writing within the margins of Time….

We invent ideas, we invent thoughts and systems. We identify with our creations and yet we are not these things. 

We are consciousness encased in flesh. 

We breathe Spirit and yet are rarely Aware of this, we are consumed with our identification with forms. Separateness is an illusion. That dangling sliver of consciousness swings into form. Unload time. Unpack the lyrical essence of Being. I want to sell the World on this once in a lifetime free idea that will transform the very fabric of existence: We are not our minds. 

Conflict arises from identification with form. We must phase out identifications with form, with things. Become the awareness of thought, of what you already always are.

The World is filled with an infinite array of narratives.

We have found the illusion addicting: 

I am my tribe. I am my class. I am my sports club. I am this illusion I have fallen in love with….– The World

And yet we are not these things.

Experience stillness. 

Experience communion with god.

The vertical dimension of time is the endless depth of god. It sits dutifully below the surface of time. We write our narratives on the surface, we construct our nations, our cultures, our egos on these things that don’t exist (except as constructions in time). We are writing time… And yet we are responsible for unlocking the secrets of time.

The construction must make sense to its creator. The creator creates language appropriate to its creation. The creation begins to experience time. The creation is time. We must write the foundation for the beginning of the erasure, for the timeless indestructible formless state to ensue. We must begin to understand the unknown. We must begin to know impossibility. We often only communicate in language. We often only communicate in thought. We often only communicate in things. We communicate in things and yet we are not the identity of these things. We are an awareness of these things. 

From the creation of form, we begin to write narratives that are aligned with the rigid ideological markers of time. 

And yet what is our identity if it is not race, nation, tribe, sport, or thing? It is what our cultural conditioning has taught us to no known end. It is the narrative we continue to write every single day. It is the timeless, indestructible signature of our own event. We have become characters in our own worldwide play. 

I am a gargoyle...

I am the wandering gargoyle Keexzus searching for traces of god.