Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 97: Unravel Time, Unearth Spirit

The illusion is the narrative.

We are living in a dimension of form. We have identified with the dimension of form. And yet we are largely unaware of the dimension of Spirit, of the formless, endless depth of formlessness. We must begin to unlock the endless dimension of formlessness. 

We sing in the realm of Spirit. 

Always defend truth.

We speak through time.

Gods are addicted to creation. 

In the breath of Spirit, in the all knowing thing of all Being, wake from sleep.

Perceive language and the way we connect the dots through time. There is one primordial fear that manifests in all Other fears. It is the fear of death. Our identities, collective, separate or otherwise, keep us away, away from nothingness. Delight in light. Time is an infinity structure. Infinity structures reinforce identification with mind. Explore the mind to its logical end, its culturally programmed end, that is the task. To understand this function, this pre-installed software.

We can write our own code.

We can program our mind free.

Literature is a type of cultural programming. 

Literature is written by prophets.

Writers are this.

I used to feel like I couldn’t stop thinking. It always felt like I was alone. 

I could only write away from center. I felt I could write away trouble and pain... Away from the fragments in time, away from the gaze of the reality structure, away from the perceived thing. I write in a cave. Writers endlessly search for meaning. Literature is the narrative we write about reality structures. 

Ideological debates are rooted in form, in fear.

ego is false identity. 

r e a l _ i d e n t i t t y _ i s _ f o r m l e s s n e s s

consciousness in form becomes fragmentation

ego survives in time.

free yourself from time. 

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