Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 96: Birth of Consciousness

The timeless exists.

We identify with form, yet why no with that which animates form? Spirit.

Why not identify with timeless essence, with Being, with Source, with God?

We identify too often with that which will not transcend time.

Create that which has yet to exist.

We believe, still, that we are form, that we are titles and accomplishments, that we are individual fragments disconnected from One Source.

We believe we are the fundamental error: thought.

We believe that we know.

This is the discussion of Time. 

I followed language down the rabbit hole. I follow my love against all. I believed, honestly, that I could have found the answer that eluded me– that inside the study and construction of language lay some foundational truth. I had believed I was like Magellan or Armstrong, I had felt like a traveler of time. I believed I could unearth the truth that resided in time. However, that truth is beyond time, it is beyond language, it is beyond form. There exists endless pain. This is the timeless essence becoming sentient in form. Consciousness is taken from the realm of the un-manifested and it is given to form, it becomes Life. This is the flow of consciousness, this is the birth of consciousness into form. 

Dreams are the currency of magic.

In dreams, I imagine I am loved.

Consciousness is a wrecking ball, manifesting form from form, disconnected from Source.

And yet Spirit animates all. 

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