Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 95: Impossibility Does Not Exist

This is the integration of all things.

This is the public consciousness of an artist.

Literature is the art of the artist who sculpts in language.

I am writing the novel as it begins…

its descent…

Exit the world. This is an artist returning to Source. What’s the energy of your perception? At times, I feel like a prophet. I had believed I was my thoughts. I had felt unloved. I am handwriting a literary, spiritual experiment of a novel on my instragram (@keex714). We are more than our thoughts. You are more than your thoughts. You are more than your mind. You are more than symbolic addiction. That which animates life wishes for nothing in the realm of form. It is the mind’s addiction to form, to thought based systems of imagination rooted in fear of Other, which creates conflict. This is the beginning of a movement. This is the process of the dis-identification with time.

You travel in time, and you believe this is the journey, but the journey is not this, it is something else entirely.

-the accumulation of freedom is not capital. 

Beyond the conception of all things is the incomprehensibility and depth of god.

Thought is often expressed as time.

Ideological constraints exist in all ideologies.

Literature is the escape from cultural institutions claiming authority.

The end of the last era of literature saw the rise of thought as subject.

The celebration of thought as subject is a prelude to the escape from egoic activity.

Ideology seeks survival.

This is the lyrical terrain, the charting of the incomprehensible abyss of all things outside form, the endless depth of the beginning of time, underneath all, is now.

The evolution of language closely follows the evolution of consciousness.

Identity is the first fiction.

Identity is the perceived thing. It is the consumption of identity enhancers that play out in the cultural narrative. We do not want to lose our fictitious identity. That would require compassion. That would require a loss of ego, of capital, of our perceived selves. We are a selfish cultural beast. Stop believing that Other is separate, you animal. We have to lose to win. There is no winning.

There is nothing that will transcend time with you. 

Impossibility does not exist…

If you abandon thought, you abandon fear.

Art is the extraction, the expression of the indestructible… Spirit.