Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 94: Identity Structures

it was the beginning of freedom and the birth of slavery,

it was the undefined search for meaning,

it was thought drowning in thought, 

i had disintegrated in thought. — KEEXZUS

Freedom would mean something else entirely,

a new reality, one of unbearable compassion.

The mind cannot comprehend.

This barrier, this disconnection,

the screen exists.

Spirit animates form, animates all

we forget our connection to Source

there is form and there is Source,

Source (Spirit) animates form

there had existed freedom

the world existed with freedom

false identity consumes us

a brand is safety, nationalism, patriotism, fandom,


a false identity

the mind does not comprehend this 

you cannot reconnect with Source through your mind

reconnect with Source

Timeless states reconnect one to source

timeless essence reconnects one to source

too many think small, they think they can’t, that it’s impossible, that someone won’t let them, that they need permission to create, much of the world has ceased dreaming the dreams of god, the mass of humanity has failed to dream


we write our stories, we turn the pages of time, existence has turned ideological, the mind believes its creations as truth, its interpretive filters reconnect with primal fear, i want timeless change, i want the World to transform

this wandering, formless energy

this formless essence of Life

this reality beyond time based thought form

i am doing my best to describe the incomprehensible

we are not fragments in a time based narrative, 

yet the mind believes so

we are spirit encased in flesh

you have allowed the unconsciousness of the World to program you.


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