Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 93: Timeless States

Timeless states of

__ stillness__

The extraction of essence, meaning.

You are not your thoughts.

Understand the foundations of time.

Stop seeking an identity.

Eliminate the word ‘just.’

Begin the process to lose all fear.

Lose all fear.

We will engrave this story in time.

Begin to unload time.

Time is the canvas.

This is the coronation of Life,

the birth of all things.

The vibrational frequency of Being, the flow of consciousness, the existence of formless divine animating form that will become life.

The cultural identification with form will break.

We are representatives.

That is One.


The symbolic festival and institutions we take as truth are constructions. Allow for a minute the unfolding deconstruction of our reality in the present moment. Allow this understanding to take hold. We must understand what we have become. Have conversations at the foundational level. We are consciousness encased in form. This is an immortal speaking language, escaping stillness. This is the thought process magnified.

This is the beginning.

This is fragmentation.

This is the Spiritual Magna Carta, this is social media with a higher purpose.

This is the Upward Spiral of Awakening.