Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 92: The End of Time

Abandon the chains of time.

Blow away the endless social and cultural conditioning of tribe based ego. Believe that you don’t know anything for a second, then a minute, forget everything you ever knew. The clash of tribe based ego is the foundation of national story. Every tribe has an ego. Every tribe wishes to live forever. Every tribe is the identity it has chosen. We feel we just engrave our face in time.

From nothingness, thought. From thought, identification. From identification, ideology. From ideology, tribes, ego, endless war.

Tribe accelerates language, sculpts reality with its thoughts.

Language understands the identity of its tribe.

Language sculpts reality.

Understand the foundational truths of time.

Abandon the ideological condition.

Philosophize for peace.

The predictability of the herdΒ isΒ history recycling itself.

Time ages ideology, not timeless foundational truth.

The arrangement of time is sculpture.

Literature is time.

The lyrical dimensions of time allow for a shift in consciousness.