Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 91: Christ Consciousness

Ego exists in many forms.

You are not your story.

Timeless dept, nothingness, the space of existence. Abandon, abandon, abandon even meaning. Abandon time and story. Abandon identification. Abandon ideology. Identification with ideology is the beginning. It is the foundation of conflict. It is the imagining of limiting meta-narratives. It is time. The only thing that will save the world is the evolution of consciousness. Technology cannot access god. The world deserves peace. Being encased in flesh. Being is Consciousness, energy, god. Your inner world creates your outer world. Time is water. This is water. It is the erosion of time. This is consciousness unfolding.

Your body encases Spirit, god. Being.

Become. What. You. Think.

Imagine unbearable compassion. The cynic does not understand the universe. Cynicism is the function of fear. It is the residual filter that corrupts your perception.

I will engrave my face in time.

Freedom is dissolving fear, it is knowing the freedom of consciousness without restriction, the bliss of god. And as the walls dissolve, walls of fear, of doubt, of insecurity, freedom became clear. The deconstruction of reality, of institutions, of ideology. This is the current consciousness. Write away the Becoming. This is the nature of song, of Being, of consciousness itself becoming undone. Thoughts become things. We were given gold.

Unlock truth. IT exists. Begin the journey Now. Transform the energy of your Being. I am always already writing. I am always already engraving time. I am always already consciousness. I am always already asking the Divine for the Impossible. Beyond fear is the freedom that we seek. Unlike a world of metaphors, rotting in metaphor. Like a goat talking to an owl to the Divine, for yourself, and for Others. I feel like Yogananda rolling on a sea of Consciousness. Professor Keex has only one assignment for you: Write a book.

Ask yourself: Who am I?

Write a book report on your heart.

We seek our own individual pleasures. We see ourselves as separate fragments of wandering consciousness. There is a condition that is universal. It is a state of endless time. It feeds on narratives, it feeds on identification, it feeds.

There is a peace every language evades.

Identification with form is the primary illness that afflicts the world.


I am the awareness of these things.

I am not my thoughts. I am not my body. I am not my emotions.

One day I will be misinterpreted and crucified.

It will be the crucifixion of the Keexzus.

Train your mind. Take control of the thing that has wrested power away.

Consciousness is freedom.

The great tragedy of life is that the overwhelming majority have ceased to dream.

This is the crucifixion of time.

Every breath reeks of immortality.

Write what is alive.

The cave holds consciousness captive. It believes it is its surrounding. It does not conceive another existence.

The timeless expression holds an endless wealth of love,

the endless depth of love.

Cultural, religious, and time based constraints sculpt the values of a consciousness encased in flesh.

The assembly of language is an action based expression. It is the behavior of an animal realizing that it has become identified with form.

An animal understands what exists beyond language.

Language is trying to shed its skin.

Unlock language and understand the time essence that engulfs its being.

Understand deeply the stillness that eludes you in time.

Gods direct the flow of consciousness.

The extraction of Essence is the extraction of God from the realm of stillness. It is the becoming of the construction. It is the expression.

Consciousness is formless.

History is a giant diaper filled with shit.

We, the world, have put consciousness in a box.

The mind cannot hold all that is. It can only accept a marginal realm of condition as is filtered through the ideological restraint.

Understand the condition which confines you.

Listen to the godlike stillness that hides behind your language

Like animals walking into a bar, talking and gossiping about god level.

All of this has become the novel.