Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 89: The Cultural Republic

What is the ideology that sustains us? Is it rooted in compassion or fear?

Does it help or hurt people?

How do we rationalize the decision? What is the primordial emotion?

Do you seek to understand?

Media creates time, narrative, drama.

Sell time. They sell poison. Coca-Cola.

Advertisers: Waste your life.

Cultural ego: Do not serve Others, especially if they are Other, they are different.

The Cultural Republic appeals to different parts of ego, our fictions, our time based identities.

We can drink brews and watch the big game as the world starves, as the world burns.

We rationalize and think about what we need in lieu of what the world needs.

We have already made a subconscious decision that our entertainment is more important than the rest of the WORLD.

Our lives need endless stimulation and addiction to form: consumption.

We buy into things that are poisonous to ourselves and to the WORLD.

We entertain ourselves as the WORLD SLOWLY BURNS.

Their death is another world, another time, another people.

We blame them at OUR worst and pretend to give a shit at our best.

Our foreign and domestic policies are rooted in fear.

We do not recognize the god that resides in one another.

We only see that which is Other.