Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 88: Become the God of Things

Purpose. Meaning. Connection.

Swing vine by vine, consciousness to consciousness.

Slow dance with a hooker.

Find home.


Capture and transcribe the essence of things.

Transformations in time.

Constructions in time.

The transformation of metaphor takes shape. Understand time. We are the ones who create worlds of time. Begin to unload meaning as it once was. Push for artistry that dissolves time — the literary and artistic cults that will transform the cultural republics. The Spiritual Awakening of a few daring artists. The transformation of time is anchored in your presence. Always, always strive towards immortality. Always, always create god level. Most will never meditate and will lose this dimension. Creating worlds beyond the one that is identified most. Writing literature is easy once you are out of the cave. Let’s talk about Samuel Beckett eating a sandwich. Let’s talk about James Joyce peeling a potato.

Write like an ancient alien.

Write like god depends on it, like every word, every breath, every sphere of time should be rattled by the force of your Being.

Accept the unknown.

Architecture of the heart’s content.

Become the god of things.