Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 87: Structures in Time

Once you are free, you will understand.

Imagine if Wittgenstein could speak.

Awakened or identified states of consciousness.

What the mind cannot accept, something seemingly imperceptible.

Beneath, beyond, away, under, across…

the timeless, indestructible essence.

Structures in time.

I am writing on floors:

Language is the fragmentation of time.

Language requires time.


You are not your mind.

Time is the lifeblood of mind.

Your life, my life, begins and ends in time.

The beginning and ending of things, of form, of Life.

What is the thinking thought that clings to identity?

We write fictions.

There exists the collective fiction.

The very idea exists only to fear extinction, to fear what exists beyond itself.

Imagine all that is beneath and beyond your thinking, beyond your fears.

The ‘I am’ that exists where there is no separation, where there is no time.

Timeless, indestructible Source.

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