Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 85: Time Based Identifications

Breathe deeply, know to understand the take on the subject’s consciousness.

The goal of one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively is to join consciousness with one other of similar energy. The subjective experience of consciousness is the beginning of time based mind, is the beginning of the creation of narratives. Sometimes pain is a gift. The pain of fragmentation is the creation of time based mind narratives. The fragmentation of One consciousness into infinite minor, subjective mini consciousnesses is the creation of life, of Spirit animating form.

The pain of all infinite subjectivity is the crowds of narratives warring over symbolic systems created in ideological structures. The time based narrative is the first major identification that is unconscious. Unconscious identification with form is thought consciousness, is time, is how language and time is structured. To breathe freely in thought is only a possibility if unconsciousness is fully identified with form.

The language must access, unlock something essential.

The language itself must become sentient.

The beginning of Time is the beginning of the phantom realization. You can only experience that which is god beyond time. World consciousness is collective fragmentation.

We identify with machines. We identify with tribes and institutions.

We identify with things that are not Spirit.

We identify with systems that do not aid the collective well of Life.

Our priorities are not based on Life.

The triangle does not speak.

Endless, subconscious symbols, things unborn.