Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 83: Conditions for the Existence of Time

The mind is the theater of interpretation.

Story telling.

Rarely truth.

This is the condition for the beginning of time.

This is the condition for the beginning of time, of story, of interpretation, of novel.

To combine consciousnesses is the condition of tribes.

To adhere to rules and fabrications of time is the condition for the structures of tribes.

Enlist the metaphors that can carry the weight of time.

Extinction is not an option for mind.

You believe you are your mind.

Your mind believes it is time.

You believe you are time.

I cannot travel in time, but the mind can.

Extract the essence of time.

What is the depth of your condition.

Begin to deconstruct.

Unlock the unknown.

We structure language how we structure time.

Language is time.