Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 82: Timeless Essence

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 82: Timeless Essence

The condition for the existence of time is identification with mind.

It is not enough to write. One must transform the face of time.

Those who transform the world do not ask for permission. Fire already exists in the heart you have silenced. Dance around the fire, you animals. There is the description of form and then there is the extraction of essence. Extract the fucking essence of things. Creativity is often fending off extinction. Pray for the hungry, the sick.

Unearth the condition. The essence of things, of subject, of object, expressed in time exists as the projected ego based thing. Language is thought form. I am expressing the essence of time through language. The cataloging of the expression of time is genre, is art. The condition of time is thought structure. The condition of time is that which is experienced by time based mind. The observation of language and time reflect the language needed to convey language an time.

I am Keezus.

I am a literary, philosophical gargoyle.

Unlock language, unlock time…. The literary essence of all things.

A human being cannot remain still. It must move forward in time.

Imagine time as literature. Imagine ideas as time. Imagine godless compassion.

This is literature, this is time.

Envision how you structure time.

Enlist the compassion of love.

Enlist all consciousness.

Cut through the fabric of time.