Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 80: The Birth of Timelessness

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 80: The Birth of Timelessness

Language and time engage in coitus.

The essence of this child is the time based narrative. All narratives are time based, even if seemingly incomprehensible. The condition of time based perception rests in the sculpted interactions of ego structures. Identification with ego structures is the initial conceptual error. The formation of systems and symbolic orders is the condition for which ego rests comfortably and unperturbed. Any distraction or derailment of ego creates an emotional disturbance. The disturbance is essentially behavior acting in the outer world. When ego structures face conflict with their narratives in the outer world, disturbances arise. How well one mind is identified with ego will determine the degree of the disturbance. The disturbance is a symptom of a larger condition: spiritual unconsciousness.

The violent fucking between language and time creates an outer world. The world of contrasting and conflicting narratives inflicts its mayhem in the world. The conflicting identified states of Being between beings (persons, states, tribes) creates war. Timelessness is lot.

Timelessness is not bred from language and time. It is bred through the destruction and or disintegration of them.

Conflict and destruction arise from conflicting egos between tribes, between their identified states for the construction of meaning, of salvation. There is no salvation in time.

The death of ego in one individual perhaps gives rise to consciousness. The death of ego in a collective state perhaps will give rise to a new consciousness to transform world. The transformation of world begins with the end of time, with the end of ego structures.

Endless, unbearable compassion is the only salvation.

The birth of timelessness exists beyond ego structures and identified states of Being.

It is the realm of Spirit that animates world.