Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 77: Awakening of the Eclipse

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 77: Awakening of the Eclipse.

The structure is not itself. The corridors of its existence do not lead elsewhere. The practicality of its use is singular. The foundations are ideological. Structures are intended to keep alive the static meaning of one particular time period, one particular era, one fragmentation. The restructuring or remodeling of structure is ultimately superficial. Spirit does not animate structure. Spirit animates form. The ideological breeds from the identification with form, with ideology. Structure is born from ego. The preservation of structure is the preservation of ego. The preservation of ego is the preservation of past. Preservation of past is the preservation of ego structures. The preservation of past is ideological. The meaning that had once occupied structure is gone and the world is free.

A city of structures is a city of the ideological breed. Perhaps the mind understands this best in its oblivion to the world. The condition required for awakening is loss. The cultural expectations placed on the individual creates weight. The cultural weight on mind to acquire things creates stress. All that is not the cultural weight becomes something else entirely if not met with acquisition. The culture says to identify with things, with form. That not having things equals failure. The culture says you are what you own. The continued breeding of want creates an unstoppable force. The already identified states with mind compounded with the creation of want creates a culture bent on self-destruction, war. Alienation occurs. Individuals identified with mind and cultural narratives begin to seek escape in the lesser costing things: food, alcohol, drugs, etc. Their minds erode as their bodies as their Spirit.

And then, sometimes, there are those that acquire material form and states of culturally accepted narrative structures. They hail themselves as proof that want and form are eternal. They believe they are their status, their things, their wealth. They parade around flaunting their narrative of self. And yet, this isn’t inherently bad or good. It is nothing but an exhibition of form, of mind, of ego. It is the time based narrative exploiting itself. It is the collective cultural amnesia forgetting the rest of the world, the endless suffering and pain beyond the shores of mind.

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