Philosophy of the Keexzus, No 76: Fragmentation in Time

Communicate the essence of something.

God level is when you breakthrough.

The conditioning of the perception is at issue.

The impossibility of the subject exists. 

Stillness and silence anchor that which is beyond time and form.

Once all identifications with form have been dismissed, the silence of god begins.

Abandon that voice that says you can’t.

Abandon past.

Imagine and then abandon.

One stuck on an island, the perception of which varies according through energy, the conditioning Being of time. The narrative island as it was. Language and language absorption through varying channels exists as the time honored narrative. The size of the fragment exists as identification with islands of existence. For all, it is different. There are different access points. The sight of fragmentation occurs from varying angles. Watch as the mind crawls out of the abyss. The meaning of things happens in the blink of an eye. This is the breeding of creation. Caverns of suspected hope, compassion, are filled to varying degrees with different access points.

You begin to unlock what had seemed impossible.

Unlock language.

I believe deeply in my heart that language holds representations of infinity.

Language was my first and only love.

Language was the thing that made sense.

I believed language led to answers.

The relation between time, thought, language, and experience creates an interpretation gap. Because at first, all experience becomes priority. With language, the essence is not necessarily experience. Imagine a surface level understanding of language. Now imagine an ocean’s floor in blinding light. Imagine endless depth.

The endless cycles of language and ideas begins to carve ravines and canyons.

The beginning of literature is the excavation of the heart.

At the end, the excavation of the soul and then all that is. 

Of dreams escaped from another time.

I would imagine a world not mine own.

I would write of beauty, of things unknown.

I would carve my fears in stone.

I would begin to enter language.

I once felt that I would find salvation in language.

This is an examination of the canvas.

This is the gargoyle Keexzus reciting poetry.

This is not an embrace of the unknown, of nothingness.

In between language there is space.

This is the fragmentation of time. 

Imagine like a loving, godless word and begin to question language and time.

At One point in time, we all experienced endless compassion.

We must begin to unravel time.

It is not enough to write. It is not enough to echo the past. Everything we say and do has to have meaning. Everything we say and do has to have purpose. Everything we write has to transform Being.

Language will center itself in time. 

Rip language apart. This is where deconstructions ends. This is how you rip philosophy from unconsciousness. This is the language in between languages. This is the Philosophy of the Keexzus. It is my sole purpose on earth to write the world’s greatest novel.