Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 71: Cultural Stacking

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 71: Cultural Stacking

It is the opinion of the herd to believe its own opinion as truth. It is the opinion of the herd to live by its conditioned reactive collective mind. To wash its own cultural assumptions and biases against any onslaught of truth is counter to the instinct. Initial perceptions account for the mass of human interactions. The reptilian brain accrues mastery. To simply go against the current does not suffice. Too many endanger truth by simply dissecting matters into simple dichotomies and enveloping an answer according to a razor’s edge. The way the subject is framed matters. The options given by entities in power do not provide a complete portrait. Options and questions are constructed with few answers in mind. The dislocation of truth takes precedence. To counteract the aforementioned, one needs to step outside of the psychological realm of time. This, too, requires to strip away layers of cognitive and cultural biases. It is not enough to simply be against. The language of time based cognitive and cultural biases takes root in the collective foundation of the mind. Cultural stacking often takes place in media. It takes too much time for an agent to explain complexity or subtlety to the collective herd. The cynical measures of media based consciousness only makes worse the current state of world consciousness. To raise human consciousness requires more than outrage and hatred. The media story is not the story. It is the way the story is constructed and represented that is the story. The story is rooted in time. It is rooted in collective understanding biases. The story is filtered and distilled into an incomprehensible caricature. Save few exceptions, save the exceptional agent, save time, save grace, save all, save one collective breath.

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