Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 70: Dialogues of the Mind’s Content

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 70: Dialogues of the Mind’s Content

The mind thing says things as they appear. The mind thing is the thing that evaluates itself according to conditioned perceptions, god-things, cultural expectations, as well as familial. The diagnosis of human consciousness is mostly something superficial. Anxiety and stress are apparent, more sustained and deep-rooted metaphors for all things are this: primal subconscious fear. The structures within the realm of primary human consciousness are the institutions and systems sustained by the endless montage of symbolic, orderly metaphors. This is the clearest I can say this. Understand that language fails to completely capture all that is. Understand that the cultural institutions and systems are catalogued and constructed according to biases of all time, up to and including the 1st identifications with form. Systems and institutions are rooted in fear or they are rooted in compassion. Varying degrees of commitment exists, as well as subcategories. Language is also programmed, as with all institutions, structures, and systems. Strip away all layers as is your speed for comprehension. Strip away all things presently presenting themselves to be true. Strip away your ego and your belief that you already understanding, because, frankly, perhaps we all never really did. Understand how badly humanity needs to project fears and ego and varying degrees of distrust. Understand that the same projections for love, compassion, and grace are not on the same operating level. The mind will tell you whatever you want to hear. It will tell you everything that is needs to so that you will not seek change. What is your purpose? What is your passion? Ask yourselves that very question. What are your dreams?

The mind says no. Emotion holds you back. It views transformation as death. Extinction.

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