Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 69: Constructions of Time

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 69: Constructions of Time

The time based narrative exists in the corridors of mind. The extinction of time is the extinction of the time based corridors, the extinction of time. Narratives regarding the relations between beings in a state of Being require language. Language is often rooted in time. The perception of existence is often fragmentation. The I that evolves from fragmentation is the condensed delusion of the collective ego herd. The proficiency of ego and time based narratives to accrue self-sustaining resources is the aggrandizement of destruction. Collective human ego leads to greater feelings of separation from Other. The definition of Other is anyone not like I. Ego groups are self-created from fear and pain. The protection of self-interests accrues from spiritual unconsciousness. Herds and groups will fight and argue to the point of extinction. The slight difference in definition from herd and group is the proclivity towards violence. The perception of self and ego group/ herd is often the varying degree to which one individual or pack may identify with the former. The horizontal dimensions of time rely on the time based narrative to sustain ego. The vertical dimensions of time exists for few. The clarity of thought and absence of identification with herd and self and group is the essence of Awareness. Awareness is seldom reached. The mental fragmentation and ideological clutter of mind often prevents many herds and individuals from full realization. The constructions of time preserve time based delusions: fragmentation, isolation, ego, herd, patriotism, hatred, and the dehumanization of Other.

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