Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 65: The Extinction of Time

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 65: The Extinction of Time.

The structure of the past event is not now. The structurality of time as it had been is not relevant to the current condition unless sustaining the past is the concurrent goal. The production of time does not solve problems. The production of time by mind is not conducive to freedom. The mind is the creator of time. The mind is the architect of past and future psychological time. It is the fragmented god thing of temporality. Narratives exist in time.

The narrative structure of the event holds no truth beyond its fiction. It is the totality of projected ego, projected fictions. It is the world reduced to form. It is not real, but only shadows reproducing themselves in color. The condition of the event is to strive for immortality within the confines of the mind, the cave, the thing, the story. Humans tell stories. Stories are based on structure. Structure is based on time.

Being is beyond time. The realm of the unmanifested one source is beyond concepts of time and form. It is beyond ego. It is beyond the conditioned and reactive narratives of the mind. It is not enough to know but to seek to understand. Seek to understand the impossible. Perhaps this will lead further down the abyss. Pain equals transformation. Surrender. Death. The abyss is the cocoon of the original ego. Abandon language and narratives. Abandon time. See what happens when you let go in the meditative state. Dive deeply into the vertical dimension of time. Discover worlds unknown and become one with all that is.

And perhaps you’ll start now.