Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 64: Red, Blue Infinities (Timeless)

The discoloration of the event exists. The initial perception fades. The construction around the initial construction of meaning begins to take height. The beginning of the endless continues. The structure as it had originally been finds ways to chip away at its own form, presenting itself as a historical truth. The truth is behind the illusion. The collective mind of the herd demands simple, easy answers. It demands something now to save them from past and future. It demands time. It demands narratives. It demands structures. It demands more of the same. Perhaps the collective mind will one day begin to reconnect with the timeless.

The current state of the world is chaos. It is sensationalism, tabloid, fabrications, and blind hatred as well as outrage. The collective Spirit of the herd is something completely disconnected from the realm of the real. The ego consciousness of the collective herd is blind. The original thought that exists is one of fragmentation. It is one separate thing fighting with other separate and disparate things. The thought against the thought takes form in the form of spectacle. The spectacle is the construction of the event to display unconsciousness. Unconsciousness takes root from the initial mistake, delusion, form, fragmentation.