Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 63: Red Infinity

The lyrical construction of the thing is not the thing. The initial perception cannot hold root in perpetuity. The idea of the structure cannot last. The adherence to rules and systems cannot sustain the horizontal dimension of time. Change occurs for reasons outside of stasis. Ideology cares for its own survival. The pain of extinction pushes the ideologue to consider the Other. Rarely is compassion never the antidote. The construction of time as in the horizontal dimension of time is cause for past and future anxiety and fear, as well as hope. The vertical dimension of time is now. Access to greater aspects of mind and consciousness can accrue over time and or now. The rules of mind change with experience and the condition of consciousness. The necessity to push ideas to the brink of extinction generally causes transformation. Pain equals transformation. Many answers are found in language that mainly adhere to ideological constructs, perceptions, and opinions rooted in failed ideologies. If compassion is not the center of thought, then it is poison. If compassion is not the center of ideology, then it is part of the abyss that has disguised itself as Spirit.

Many are stuck on the level of form. They identify with form. Form is the fleeting thing that is given meaning by ego. The ego gives meaning to form as to give greater purpose to its collection of things. The things themselves are not meaningful if only in material form and the error of applying the symbolic to extinction. Inanimate forms hold value as to what is injected in them by ego. Meaning beyond form is the realm which hides beyond the initial perception of reality. It is the awareness of mind and things beyond form. It is the recognition of time as a truth-less fiction. It is the recognition of β€˜I’ as nothing more than a construction of fear. It is the recognition of a movement taking root.

Beyond identities associated with ego, with the collection of things, and the digital meaningless of likes, exists a realm incomprehensible to the masses. At first, this will be dismissed and possibly ridiculed. That is the aim of collective ego, to ridicule its own death, to abandon any notions of truth beyond its own form. What is truth is beyond language. What is truth is beyond the mind’s conception of time. Beyond emotion, thought, language. It is formless, timeless, indestructible.