Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 62: Blue Infinity

The Earth is louder.

The Blue is infinite. Beyond the mind that says nothing is ever enough, there is the realm of the One. In the blue lies the infinite, the realm of truth. The structures of mind cannot endure this crushing weight. Between warring narratives exists the peace of god, of death. The mind that seeks its own reinforced interpretations of things, things the mind can identify with, exists alone. The mind sees what it can reinforce as itself– as the one fiction of truth and time. Pain equals transformation. The abyss is a cocoon. Believe in the infinite beyond caves. Believe in something intangible as of now, not a reflection of what you know but something incomprehensible beyond time, beyond ‘you.’ There is the death of fear, of change, of what exists beyond mind.

Walls of fiction keep you from truth.

Language will direct you beyond and then without.

The awareness of the thought is you.