Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 59: Fragmentation of God Structure

I am consciousness. I am awareness. The ‘I’ that also exists as the mind is a conditioned, sculpted fiction. It is the ‘I am’ masquerading as the truth of Being. It is the ego identified with all pain and pleasure past and future. It is identification with form. The mind creates and interprets narratives to enhance its sense of existence, fragmentation from all Others. What animates form is Spirit encased in flesh, the essence One Life that courses through the universe. This truth has almost always been clouded. The mind (ego) feeds off pain, off illusion– the illusion of separateness, of fragmentation, of identity and identification with form. Truth is Being. Truth is not fiction. 7 billion fragments of One Life. Consciousness.

The architecture of illusion is ego, the mind based state.

The utility of mind is lost when thinking happens to you. Thought does not think. The conditioned reactive patterns of mind are not truth. The filters of interpretation that create emotion are not truth. Conditioned thoughts that create conditioned triggered emotions are not truth. The collective delusion of a culture bent on material consumption is not truth. Alienation is not truth. Fragmentation is not truth. The abyss is a sculpted world one enters. The miseries and pain that accompany mind are believed to be created from an outer condition, an outer symptom. The origin of all is almost always mind. The mind creates pain. The mind creates narratives to accompany its interpretations of its fragmentation. The mind based state wishes to survive its own fiction. The fiction of the mind does not understand anything beyond its narrative, anything beyond its systems of interpretation and identification. The mind often overtakes its host.

An identity is almost always created. ‘I am these likes, identifications, narratives, stories, interpretations, etc.’

The many (the herd of human consciousness) to varying levels identify with their particular narrative. I am this title. I am this type of person. I am this hobby, this activity, etc. Focus and splintered awareness on identity enhancers becomes the mainstay of existence. At a larger level, patriotism, jingoism, and war become the habits and activities. Love, joy, peace become abstract commodities to a cynic. The ego associates unity as a threat to its separate identity, to its existence. The ego thrives on fragmentation.

Language by and of itself does not offer truth. It cannot point to itself and present consciousness beyond ego. However, it can point away from itself beyond the horizon of sight. The simplicity of ego accepts nothing beyond its cornered, fearful state. Anything beyond itself is seen as an existential threat that must be attacked and discredited. To accept the truth of Being instead of the fiction of fragmentation would be catastrophically freeing. The world beyond ego cannot exist for the cynic.

The ego creates out of fear. Once a project is completed, the ego is prideful and feels ‘safe’ out of fear. The fragmentation has only been enhanced. The narrative of its unique separateness only framed for the world. Perhaps happiness occurs, a scarcity based happiness predicated upon circumstance and resource. Perhaps even in fragments there is partial consciousness, there is scarce awareness cut off from the god structure and stillness beyond the space from which all originates…

in realms yet discovered within.