Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 51: Abandon Worlds of Forms

Abandon worlds of forms. Abandon worlds of narratives. Abandon worlds of ideology. Abandon worlds of structured belief. Abandon stories the mind has written. Inside these narratives, the structures and foundations have been built by sculptured, interpretive fictions. The sculpture is not truth. The mind seeks to be the all-worlds interpreter of forms. These filters of interpretations are themselves manufactured. They are manufactured all by experience and the lower consciousness of Others– as well as the precious few who remain free.

Identification with narratives are greater than identifications with forms. Inside the structure of the narrative, the mind feels secure. The mind will fight to remain inside the structure. The structure is one of many structures. The structure is not the structure. The neighborhood of ideological structures remains in the erosion fields of psychological time. They adhere to protect the narratives inside their structures and the minds that have identified and invested in these fictions. When the mind has taken over its host, the host will say, “I am this ideology.” “I am this adherent.” I am this fool.”

The ideological structure does not house the whole world. The ideological structure houses only its adherents that have been sculpted and conditioned to believe in the finality and immortality of the structure and its narratives. There is no salvation for the world in the ideology that houses the selfish, the violent, the stupid. For the ideologue, the world only needs to exist enough to believe in. For the ideologue, the world needs to exist only enough inside the narrative for its singular, minute truth to somehow be interpreted universally.

A system of thought to rule is ideology. Ideology feeds off the sculpted conditioned minds of the herd. The mind seeks safety inside structures. Structures do not house and protect all the world. The adherents of the ideological structure need only to feel safe enough with other adherents to solidify their belief as truth. Anyone seen as outside the structure is seen as Other, and therein the world of conflict rises.